Toner – What is it and do I need it?

Toners, also known as astringents, are liquid products that are applied to the skin. They are usually used after washing the face with soap or a non-soap cleanser. There are different types of toners for different types of skin. Those with oily skin usually do best with an alcohol-based toner. Those with drier skin usually prefer one with propylene glycol and water with can add moisture to the skin and is less irritating.

Some people swear by toners – especially those with oily or acne prone skin. After it’s applied, the skin feels tight and clean which is appealing for many.

The reality, though, is that toners are not mandatory for most people. They were originally used when people washed their faces with lye soap and hard (well) water. This often left a soapy residue that felt tacky on the skin. The toner products removed that and left the skin feeling smooth and clean.

People still often like the feel of their skin after using a toner because they often contain menthol or camphor which gives the skin a tingly, super clean feel which is refreshing after taking off cosmetics/sunscreens etc.

At Lumen Aesthetics we can recommend a toner product that is right for your skin as part of your comprehensive regimen that is best suited to get you looking your best!

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